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Severe storm chance very low this evening

Possible severe storms stay north of Louisville

Wed. June 8, 2022 5 P.M.

Storm Prediction Center did a good job of narrowing in on the severe storm threat area over southcentral and southeast Indiana.  However, they pushed their Tornado Watch box too far south.  Or did they?  More on that later,

Back to the current weather, the primary factors for severe storms have already moved east of I-65, so damaging weather threat is generally over for the Louisville area.  However, a weak wind shift line/cold front is trying to form over southern Indiana.  That will give us about a 30% chance for a thunderstorm around 7-8 P.M. tonight.  Then a little cooler, but much drier day tomorrow.

Tornado Watch?

As mentioned above the Storm Prediction Center pinpointed the severe threat today very well.  In fact the boundaries for the Watch they issued did not include extreme southern Indiana or  metro Louisville.  Their southern boundary was about 40 miles NORTH of the Ohio River near Louisville, where it should have been.

So what happened?  In recent years local Weather Service offices have been given the leeway to “alter” the SPC Watches.  So today they decided to change the prediction to include the Louisville area.  Seems to me we saw another case of CYA this afternoon.

To the uninitiated, CYA is a long-running acronym for “Cover Your A–”

Good job SPC!  Not so good, locals.

No severe weather expected tonight

6 P.M. Monday 6/6

Storm cluster weakening

Satellite, radar and lightning data all have shown a rapid decrease in storm intensity in the northern half of the convective system moving across the region.  A couple of severe storms could still pop over far southern KY, but the rest of us will receive a good soaking this evening.