The Land of “I”

Sunday, June 28, 2020  8 P.M.

Disappointing rain, so far.

Weather Service has really cranked up the rain probabilities recently and continues them well into the week.  The best chances for wide spread rains, however, seem to be over.  Lots of rain yesterday, last night and this morning.  Soaking, even flooding, rains fell over central Indiana and most of Kentucky, but not here.  Along and north of I-64 there was about a 60 mile wide area with very little rain.  Plenty of rain north and from southern Jefferson County southward.  But most of us missed out.  Never good news during the growing season.

Meanwhile, NWS continues with 70% – 80% most of the time tonight through Tuesday. I’m hoping they are right, but to me the situation isn’t nearly that clear cut.  The rains of the past 36 hours had some pretty good upper dynamics, but that support has faded.  We still have lots of moisture and a fading warm front hanging around, but with upper dynamics weak I’d drop the rain chances to the 30-40% range – more scattered showers/t-storms than widespread.

I’d still love for some worthwhile rain to hit my lawn and garden.

Now, to that strange headline above.

The Land of “I”

I have a lot of concerns.  The one I’m going to discuss here is nothing new.  It has, however, reared it’s ugly head to much greater extremes and ruinous results during the current presidential regime.  It’s been revealed that our PIC (Prevaricator In Chief) has some really nasty genes.  (True, that was well known before the election, but too many Americans failed to grasp the reality.)

Our PIC has been the embodiment of, and promoter of, the “I” generation.  The “I” generation has only one concern – themselves.  Whenever PIC speaks, the words “I” and “me” are constantly being expressed.  Anybody remember hearing the word “we”?  Doesn’t ring a bell to me.  PIC’s “thing” has been this MAGA  nonsense.  That won’t work with I.  “I” has made America worse before and, especially, after PIC took over.  (A side thought…maybe Joe Biden should campaign using the slogan – Make America Great Again! )

Let’s take a look back.   World War II.  The era that produced what Tom Brokaw named the Greatest Generation.  Along with help from many nations, the United States led the battle to defeat the evil empires of Germany and Japan.  Millions of Americans joined together to produce the greatest military victory this world has ever seen.  It was a huge sacrifice – rationing, shortages, blackouts in addition to the battle casualties.  It was an effort enabled by Americans working together – WE.

After World War II, Americans continued to work together.  WE were the leaders of the world.  WE beat polio.  WE made the Russian missiles leave Cuba.  WE won the Cold War.  It’s impossible to mention all the WE moments Americans achieved.  But, somewhere along the way, WE started to fade and “I” started becoming important.

Looking back, I think things started unraveling during the Vietnam War.  WE became divided over the war.  But, when the war ended, WE never fully recovered.  Additional wars have further divided Americans.  Each time, the “I” factor grew.

But, the change hasn’t been only about war.  Front and center – the Anti-vaxxers.  What could be more simple than taking a shot to eradicate a dangerous disease from the world?  It’s obvious to WE vaccines are a good thing.  But “I” says no.  ‘I” will not vaccinate my child.  I don’t care if your kids get sick.

In this time of great uncertainty, the “I” movement has really become emboldened – and PIC has been cheering them all the way. Don’t do simple things like stay at home or wear masks – that’s your right.  Don’t care about WE who don’t want covid 19.  WE can’t peacefully demonstrate because “I” will send in the troops to clear the way for my photo at a church “I” haven’t been in since Inaugural Day.  And on and on…

“I” has been slowly growing in the U.S. for decades, but the trend has accelerated since PIC took over.  He has clearly demonstrated that “I” only weakens us.  Only WE can get America moving in the right direction again.  My hope is that WE will find something to unite around to get us moving in the right direction…before it’s too late.

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