Another small snow on the way

Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021  3:30 P.M.

The long term weather situation continues to strongly emphasize a mild weather pattern to continue over North America.  Had a little hope last week as the central Canadian upper low shifted eastward.  If the shift had held we’d be a a “cold” pattern for awhile.  But, the trough is re-intensifying over western Canada.  That signifies above normal temperatures along with wet conditions over the eastern U.S. for the next two weeks, at least.

Meanwhile, colder air is slowly shifting south over the central U.S. and we’ll see the results tomorrow.  A fairly strong upper air system is digging in over the midwest today and will move over the southern U.S. tomorrow.  Most of the system will be rain – from TN to the Gulf states.  However, the northern part of the precipitation will be snow.  Areas like MO, IL and western IN could see several inches of snow tomorrow because they will have more cold air and moisture.  As the system moves quickly eastward tomorrow, the primary energy will be streaking across the states to our south.

That leaves us in a situation with weakening upper energy and decreasing moisture.  Thus, nothing very exciting will be happening here.  But, with the way things have been this winter, even a small snow can be pretty exciting.

Tomorrow will be cloudy and cold – temperatures remaining in the mid (maybe upper) 30’s.  Light snow should move over the area from about 4 P.M. until 8-9 P.M.  As temperatures should remain above 32, roads should be wet for the rush hour although some bridges/overpasses could ice over.  So, no major road problems are expected.  Snow accumulation is likely on grassy areas.  Up to one inch of snow is likely there.

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