Snow has arrived!

4 P.M. Wed., Jan. 27, 2021

Best snow of season, so far

Fast-moving upper air disturbance is moving over lower Ohio Valley now.  Highest energy with the system is now streaking over TN.  North of the jet streak the air is cold enough for some light snow.  Over central Kentucky temperatures are still above freezing, so that’ll cut our accumulation a bit.  Colder areas north and west of Louisville should see the heaviest accumulations from this storm.  However, the rapid eastward movement of the upper support will limit the duration of snowfall so no major accumulations are likely.

Snow will gain intensity quickly and then fade quickly on the other end.  Heaviest snow should fall between roughly 5 P.M. and 8 P.M. in Louisville.  During that time, accumulations should run about one-half inch an hour – mostly on grassy areas.  Roadways will stay wet for most of the evening rush hour, so major problems are not expected.  However, temperatures are expected to drop to 32 between 6 and 7 P.M.  So, some of the later commuters will probably experience some slick spots – especially bridges and overpasses.

Overall, the Louisville area should expect 1″ – 2″ on grassy areas.  Roadways will most likely see less than an inch of snow.  Major roads around the area should be fine by morning, but, as usual, untreated roads will be icy.

Outside of Louisville, conditions will be different.  West and north of Louisville, colder air I expect will bring higher accumulations.  Most of southern Indiana should expect 2″ – 3″ of snowfall.  Wouldn’t be too surprised to see some reports over 3″.

Also, east of Louisville, most of the snow will fall after dark, which also favors higher accumulations.  From Oldham, Shelby and Spencer Counties and east,  2″ – 3″ of snow is likely.


The official definition of “heavy snow” varies across the country.  In snowier areas the threshold is six inches to use  the term heavy snow.  Our area’s threshold is four inches, so it’s not likely we’ll see that this time.  But winter’s not over!

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