Returning to normal.

Wednesday Afternoon

The run of pleasant weather is beginning its fade.  Another cool night then back to the mid 80’s (at least the humidity remains low ).  By Friday, a  bit warmer and more humid.  The NAM and GFS continue to bring some very weak upper air systems into the area by late Friday into Sunday.  Both models continue to keep any significant moisture south and east.  There could be some substantial rains along the Appalachians this weekend, but it looks like the systems will be unable to get much water this far north. So beginning late Friday, we will continue with small chances for a small amount of rain.

GFS projects the near normal weather pattern to continue for at least the first half of next week.


I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Right there in the CJ before my very own eyes was a story released by the Government stating that cold weather kills far Americans than hot weather annually.  Of course, this is not news.  However the current “climate crisis” crew that seems to control our national government’s science just doesn’t (ordinarily) let that kind of information be released to the public.  Cold is worse than warm concerning mortality.  Fifty years ago the statistics were roughly 2 to 1.  Now, it runs closer to 1.5 to one.  Does that mean that cold air deaths are actually falling.  In this case the answer is yes.  Does that mean that Earth’s warming has actually been good for us?  Yes.  The things that have improved are almost uncountable.  Probably the most important has been the amazing increase in food production (not solely because of warming)  that feeds several billion more people than when the 20th century began.  Interestingly, 40-50 years ago some highly respected scientists were forecasting that by the end of the 20th century, the Earth would be in constant famine and on its way to destruction by constant food wars!  Sounds very similar to what a lot of famous “scientists” are proclaiming about a warming Earth. So, far the warming has been very beneficial, but there’s been no warming for the past 15 years!

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