Very Cold Air Still On The Way

Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2022

Little change in the forecast since yesterday’s post.  The Super Christmas Storm of ’22 is still expected, but primary effects will cover the north central states from Colorado to northern Missouri to near Chicago.  The cold air behind the storm center will produce heavy lake effect snows across the Great Lakes Friday and Christmas Eve.

That part of the storm will make a lot of news through the weekend.  But, the main action will stay hundreds of miles away from us.  Nevertheless, we will not be spared from the storm entirely.  Rain will develop Thursday with temperatures in the 40’s.  The cold air sweeps rapidly into the area during the evening  (7 to 10 P.M. ?) as the rain changes to snow  for an hour or two.  An inch or two of snow is expected.

After Midnight, strong winds will be howling through the area over night…slowly diminishing Friday.  In addition, snow showers/flurries during the day could add an additional inch to our snow total.  The temperstures will slowly moderate through the weekend.  Friday’s high should be in the high single numbers rising to the mid teens Saturday and around 20 on Christmas.

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