Rainy Sunday

Saturday, Jan.21, 2023 6 P.M.

I’ve been watching the models’ handling of the next two storms headed our way. Both have been indicating a cold rain for tomorrow and for Tuesday night/Wednesday. The second on will be much stronger (for us).

Yesterday, words like snow, sleet and freezing rain started entering the forecast. A deeper dive into the weather data made me believe those words shouldn’t be there. The atmospheric setup just isn’t cold enough.

A storm developing over Texas tonight will advance ENE over the Gulf Coastal states tonight and tomorrow before turning up the Atlantic Coast tomorrow night. With the storm staying so far to our south, we’ll be on the northern fringes, so rain totals will be on the light side.

Models agree that the rain/snow line will be at least 30 miles north of the Ohio River. So, don’t be surprised if we see a little wet snow mix in from time to time. Basically, though, we’re expecting just a cold, rainy morning. Then rain will slide eastward by early afternoon.

Models also point to another (mostly) rain event by midweek, so snow lovers are probably in for another disappointment with that system.

Meanwhile, global models are pointing toward below normal temperatures here for the next week or two. So, we’ll see additional snow chances ahead.

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