Snowball fight

Today’s models can’t seem to agree on snow tonight, but rain is a sure bet.

First, a note on Sunday’s snowfall. Sunday’s weather events gave yet another reason why weather is so fascinating. Both the event itself and the (lack of) forecasting it. Rain was the models’ choice while also giving hints that there could be some snow at the start. But nothing like the 1″+ we had around the county. And that’s about the only place snow fell.

As the rain moved in, a sudden intensification of the precipation brought colder temperatures AND snow into Jefferson County and almost nowhere else.

Weather can be so much fun!


Meanwhile, tonight’s system will be much stronger and almost all signs point to rain. This morning, the GFS was the only model predicting snow at the start with a quick change to rain. Now, other models are drawing closer to the snow start followed by rain. Temperatures with this system are about 3-5 degrees warmer than Sunday’s, so if any snow falls, it’ll melt quickly.

Snow and/or rain should begin around Midnight or shortly after. By 2-3A.M. any chance for snow will be gone. After that, periods of rain will continue during the morning then fade away by late afternoon. Winds will pick up during the afternoon with gusts probably topping 35 mph.

Snow flurries will be likely tomorrow night and Thursday.


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