SuperCell headed toward Louisville area

5:30 P.M. Sunday, June 25, 2023

We’re in a Tornado Watch and it looks like some damaging weather has got parts of Louisville in its sight. Instability is high, wind shear is strong and, even though the cold front headed our way is not very strong, severe weather chances are high.

A “super cell” thunderstorm has broken away the broken line of storms plagueing southern Indiana this afternoon and headed on a path that brings it through northern Floyd Co., western Clark Co. during the next half hour. Then the storm will cross the Ohio River into northeast Jefferson Co., Oldham Co. and into Shelby Co. between 6 and 7P.M.

Super cells are never to be taken lightly. Brief very strong winds and large hail appear likely with this storm. Even a tornado is possible. Be carefull.

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