Some wet snow late tomorrow

Thursday, Feb.15, 2024 6 P.M.

A weak upper level disturbance over Nevada now will race eastward and deposit some rain and snow over the area by late tomorrow afternoon. Temperatures will begin to drop tonight and northeasterly winds will keep the colder air over us tomorrow. Nevertheless, temperatures will reach the lower 40’s tomorrow before falling when rain starts.

Westerly upper level winds over the southern U.S. will keep inflow of Gulf moisture very low, so the disturbance will not have much moisture with which to work (My high school English teacher would be so proud.). So, total precipitation will be low, probably less than .20″.

Current timing has rain beginning around 4-5 P.M. tomorrow and quickly mixing with snow. Most likely it’ll be all snow by 6-7 P.M. and be gone by 9-10 P.M. The temperature should remain above freezing until close to the end of the event.

Soil and road temperatures should remain above freezing throughout the rain/snow. Roads will remain wet EXCEPT some bridges and overpasses near the end of the snow. Grassy areas may see snow accumulations of up to an inch.

Note: Snow accumulations up to an inch only for areas along and north of I-64. Areas south of I-64 will get little or no accumulation.

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