Worrisome night

Atmospheric conditions are lining up in a familiar pattern. It’s a pattern that often wreaks havoc over the Gulf Coast states during winter nights.

This time, the system is farther north and seems to have its sights along the Ohio River later tonight. The moisture component is weak, but the dynamic wind patterns are very strong. That should easily overcome the moisture problem

A storm system developing over IL will send a strong cold front into the Ohio Valley overnight. As that encounters somewhat wetter air to our west, I expect two lines of thunderstorms to form tonight. A prefrontal line should in the area about 2-4 AM. Strong wind gusts are possible (50 mph+) as they pass over.

The cold frontal line should be here roughly 5-7AM. It should be even stronger. The Storm Prediction Center says wind gusts could reach as high as 75 mph. In addition, due to the enhanced wind fields, some tornados will be likely.

At the least, I expect we’ll see widespread power outages.

Keep alert tonight!

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