Heat returns for Labor Day

Sunday afternoon:

The majority of the upper air system that brought us the rain overnight has moved eastward…but little has changed.  As mentioned a few days back, these weak cool fronts pushing into a well established ridge of hot/humid air often never make it here.  The current one was strong enough to push in last night’s showers, but it has died over Missouri today.  So, no cooler air to refresh us AND,  because of the weakening, the rain totals generally ran far lower than the models predicted.

So, the upshot is we’re still in that same air mass as last week.  With more sunshine tomorrow, Labor Day should turn out to be hot and humid – temperatures 90-92 with the heat index climbing to about 100.  With that muggy air mass, the daytime heating could very well pop up a few isolated late afternoon thunderstorms.

Back to school Tuesday should also be a continuation of the hot/humid weather with a higher chance for thunderstorms.  A small, short break from the hot air should arrive Wednesday.


I’m a forecaster.  Of weather – not sports – but for what it means (nothing) here’s my predictions for Ul and UK this football season:  The magic numbers for UL are 3 or 4.  For UK they are 4 or 5.  For UL, 3 or 4 losses.  For UK 4 or 5 wins.  Hey what can I say, no absolutes – I’m a weather forecaster – everything is ranges and probabilities!

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