Not much more snow left

Noon Monday

As expected, the heaviest snows are over by midday.  Radar indications and model data confirm that we will see the snow fading away this afternoon.  But, the periods of heavy snow we saw this morning are over.  Light snow may accumulate another inch or two over the next 3-4  hours, but it should all be over around 5-6P.M.   Looks like snowfall totals will end on the lower side of my earlier estimates.

NOTE:  Heard local officials this morning say that it was too cold for salt to do any good.  So they weren’t salting the roads.  MOST OF THE TIME, that statement is correct.  But, salting between 9 A.M. and 3 P.M.  would do a lot of good even at 15 degrees.  Why?  APRICITY   (look it up and you’ll see why.  Apricity is also why Wind Chill temperatures are far from accurate during daytime hours.

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