Another surge of cold air due tomorrow

  Wednesday Afternoon (Feb 24)

Cold air is still hanging around, but the rest of our weather certainly has been calmer this weekend.  A couple of posts ago, I mentioned the southern storm track would be active this week.  The second storm this week is bringing “winter” to the deep south today and the southeast tonight/tomorrow.  That storm has spread moisture far to the north today (the clouds we’ve been seeing) and could drop perhaps an inch or two of snow tonight over far southeastern KY.  Nothing for us from this system.

However, the northern stream is planning another big mass of unseasonably cold air for the lower Ohio Valley tomorrow.  As that new cold air supply drops in tomorrow, we could see some snow flurries and perhaps a few snow showers.  Most likely time for any snow will be afternoon and early evening.  Little, if any, accumulation expected.

Earlier, I had mentioned the possibility of  a third southern stream system phasing with a northern system to create a major storm system early next week over the central and eastern U.S.  But, as always, things change.  Strong indications now are that the northern system will be dominant and “cut off” the southern system without merging with it.  The southern system will still feed in some moisture for some moderate rains early next week (possibly beginning Sunday).  The lack of merger of the two systems is good news with respect to severe thunderstorms.  Some severe weather will still be possible from TX/OK eastward Mon/Tue, but much less of an outbreak than it looked earlier.

Tonight: cloudy and cold…low…24

Tomorrow; mostly cloudy, windy and  cold…high…30.  Snow flurries and/or snow showers likely tomorrow afternoon and evening. Little or no snow accumulation expected.

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