Stormy night

11:30 P.M. update…Feb. 28, 2017

As mentioned on previous post, the southern Illinois/southern Indiana region as become the new “hot spot” for severe/tornadic thunderstorms.   Super cell now crossing the Wabash River about 40 miles northwest of Evansville has a history of tornado production and should continue to create problems as it continues on a line about 40 miles north of the Ohio River.  This system is moving into a more stable atmosphere so activity will slowly weaken as it approaches the I-65 corridor.

In addition a large cluster of thunderstorms over southwestern KY/TN will also be weakening as it moves about 40-50 mph toward the northeast.  This should be in the Louisville area between about 2 A.M. until 4 A.M.  Biggest threat for us from these storms will be heavy rains/flash flooding.

Finally, the cold front will bring additional thunderstorms across the area between 7 A.M. and Noon.  Once again, flooding will be the primary threat.

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