Today’s snow

Monday, Jan. 15, 2018

Not much to worry about this afternoon

A cold front pushing toward us has been producing some nice snow over southwestern IN this morning.  However, current short-term models are forecasting a considerable weakening of the snow field this afternoon as it passes through the I-65 corridor.  Plus, southerly winds have pushed temperatures to around 32 degrees and they should stay there this afternoon.

As a result, my forecast needs a little revision:

Light snow should begin around 1 P.M. and be mostly over by 5 P.M.  Flurries will continue overnight.  This afternoon’s snow will mostly melt on roadways, so this evening’s rush hour will only have a few slick spots.  As always, drivers will find those slick spots and we’ll have some accidents.  Overall, however, things should be pretty good considering holiday traffic will be lighter than usual.

Snow accumulations will be light.  Within a 30 mile radius of Louisville, the Ohio River will be a dividing line.  On the Kentucky side of the river, snow accumulations should run around 1″ on grassy areas (little, if any, on roads as discussed earlier).  South and east of Jefferson County snow totals will diminish to less than an inch.  On the Indiana side of the Ohio River, snow totals will be higher – 1″-2″ in the counties touching the Ohio.  Farther north and west, it’ll probably be more like 2″-3″.
NOTE:  I wasn’t surprised to see snow overnight.  However, the amount of snow really surprised me.  Best I thought nature could do was around .1″, maybe .2″  The half inch sure fooled me.  I’m hoping the prediction described above will be better.


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