Storms possible again tonight.

Thursday, May 31, 2018 5 P.M.

Severe wind gusts ripped across the area this afternoon as winds gusted as high as 59 mph at Standiford Field.  Many reports of 50+ mph came in from around the state.  That cluster of strong storms is continuing to create trouble over southeastern KY.

Meanwhile, to our west what was expected to be the “big event” tonight is having a tough time organizing.  No surprise there.  This afternoon’s big cluster of storms has used a huge amount of the potential energy expected to fuel tonight’s storms.  So, no “big event” is likely tonight.  A line/cluster of thunderstorms could develop into our area around 9 P.M. until Midnight. But they won’t be very strong, even if they do reach us.  No additional severe weather is expected tonight  It appears that tonight’s outbreak may stay south of KY.  Lots more energy available over TN.

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