Snow is approaching!

Friday, Jan.11, 2019

Snow overnight…sloppy tomorrow

Today the various models are in close agreement with only some minor differences.  The biggest difference is with snow totals where the GFS is slightly higher than the rest.  Without getting into the various interplays/interpretations that COULD happen, I’m just going to lay out what I THINK will happen.


Snow should arrive in Louisville shortly before Midnight.  Most of our accumulation will occur between 1 A.M. and 5 A.M.  After that snow will be lighter and gradually end around sunrise.  By 8 A.M. most of the Louisville area will have a snow cover between 1″ and 2″.  North of the Ohio River, some areas (especially west of I-65) may have up to 3″.  Untreated roads will be snow-covered for a few hours.  Treated roads will be slushy and wet.


There’s a chance for a rain/snow mix for a couple of hours late in the morning.  Snow cover should actually be decreasing by that time.  The afternoon  should be generally dry.  During that time roads will clean up and overnight snowfall will continue to melt.

Saturday night

Rain moves in during the evening and continues lightly until late night.


During the morning light rain/drizzle will change back to light snow/flurries  Any precipitation will fade away by early afternoon.  No more than a “dusting” is expected.

Monday morning

There’s a chance (30% )that we could see some light snow/flurries for the morning rush.  Little, if any, accumulation is expected, but some slick spots could develop.

That’s  my thinking, now let’s see how it works out.

Think snow!

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