Action-packed late afternoon

Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019  2:30 P.M.

Very windy squall line approaching

Between roughly 3 P.M. until 4 P.M. a fast-moving squall line will pass through the Louisville Metro area.  We’ll see brief, intense rainfall along with wind gusts of 40 mph or greater during that time.  That could create some minor damage and possible power outages.  It’ll be quick.  As the cold air arrives this evening, winds will remain strong with gusts over 30 mph.

By 4:30 P.M., colder air will begin working its way into the area.  Temperatures will fall into the 50’s by 7 P.M. and drop all the way into the 20’s by morning.  They’ll only reach the mid 30’s tomorrow afternoon.

Rains projected for us earlier this week have fallen far short of predictions.  However, the brief heavy rain this afternoon should create some short-term flash flooding in the usual flood prone spots, but that should clear rapidly.

The Flood Watch we are under will most likely expire without any stream and river flooding.  Additional rains this evening are not likely to push rivers/streams over their banks.   We are not out of the woods yet, since another extended period of rain is likely early next week.

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