Models continue the warming trend

Noon Tue., Feb. 19, 2019

Heavy snows for much of Indiana, not for us

The GFS and NAM have pretty much given up on snow for Kentucky.  Louisville area may get a brief dusting, but no problems.  Southern Indiana counties that touch the Ohio River get less than an inch between 9 P.M. and Midnight.  Farther north accumulations will build – Scottsburg should see 1″-3″ while from Seymour north 4″+ of snow is likely.

If Jefferson County gets any snow (9 -11 P.M. will be our chance), it’ll not be enough to cause any road problems. But, heavy rains could create some problems for the morning commute. Rain will lighten during the day, but another surge of heavy rain could make a mess of the evening rush as well.

The GFS and NAM both project 1″-2″ of rain over the next 36 hours.  The NWS projects 2″-3″.  If the total goes that high, renewed flooding is possible on smaller rivers and streams.  Either amount of rain would not be enough to create any problems on the Ohio

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