Another little snow tonight

Sat.,Feb. 6,2021  5:30 P.M.

Another weak upper air disturbance system crosses the Ohio Valley tonight.  Once again, the Gulf is cut off from the flow, so producing much moisture will take a valiant effort from the upper air contribution.  It doesn’t appear likely to happen.

As a surface cold front pushes through overnight, it’ll probably produce some flurries and snow showers for a few hours, especially around Midnight.  Models are in agreement that one-half inch accumulation (on grassy areas) should be the upper limit.  So, not much to hope for.

Colder tomorrow with a high near 30.

The “big Blast” of cold air is still on track for next weekend.  Sat/Sun should be very cold followed by a quick warming.  Current GFS says this should be a one-time deal with no significant follow-ups expected.


Popular myth says that sharks can detect one drop of blood in an Olympic-sized swimming pool. NOT TRUE   While sharks, and fish in general, have good smelling abilities, they don’t came anywhere close to that claim.

Another popular shark myth is that once they get a taste of human blood, they will continue to search for more humans.  These are called “rogue sharks.”  Research, however, has shown that there are NO rogue sharks.  They much prefer a seafood diet.

Don’t believe everything you hear on “Shark Week.”

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