Quiet weekend

Saturday afternoon

Mostly dry and warm today with one exception – a midday fading shower from Clark Co. which just barely made it across the Ohio River into Oldham Co.  Otherwise, plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures this afternoon and again tomorrow.  High tomorrow…mid to upper 80’s. Typical summer weather continues early next week.


I was working in the yard today when something caught my eye.  It was a cobweb under my deck with a interesting patch of sunlight hitting it.  So I took a picture…017


Then my mind suggested to me (I talk to my mind often, Is that okay?) to turn the photo upside down.  So I did…018

A white cardinal!  Nature does some funny things.

More stuff

The first missile fired in Operation Desert Storm bore the logo of the Louisville Slugger bat on it.  The crew hand-painted the logo while aboard the ship from which it was launched – the USS Louisville.

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