Odds and Ends

Sunday afternoon

Pretty calm weather – much like the weekend – will continue through Wednesday with temperatures rising a few degrees.  Next chance for rain looks like Wednesday night and especially Thursday.

Comet watch

About 10 years ago the European Space Agency launched a space probe to visit a comet.  We’ve had a few fly-bys during the space age, but this one has different purposes.  Rosetta, as the probe is commonly known, is due to reach close to the Comet 67P/Churyumov/Gerasimenko  (Comet C-G  OR 67P for short) on Wednesday.  It will go into orbit around the comet and map its surface, looking for an appropriate landing space for the module Philae which has gone along for the ride.  If all goes well, a landing could take place as early as November.  So, while Rosetta studies what actually happens while a comet approaches the sun, Philae will try to find out exactly what the comet is made of.  It will be a phenomenal achievement (and knowledge advancement) if everything works as planned.  Keep your fingers crossed…the big news starts Wednesday.

Meanwhile, ESA recently issued this photo from Rosetta… Comet C-G  is shown about 1000 km from Rosetta.  67p_strip

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