Record cold…maybe

Monday Evening

Pretty pictures from nature today as that wet, clinging snow held on tree limbs most of the day.  Forecast worked out pretty well although I would have liked to see the snowfall pattern drop about 20 miles south.  But nature does what it wants, not bothering with us humans and our models.  The official total from the airport came in at 2.9″.  I live about 15 miles northeast of the airport and measured 4.2″ on the ground.  So, a pretty wide variation over a short north/south distance.  Most of southern Indiana and Kentucky (north of I-64) finished in the 3″ to 5″ range while southern Jefferson Co. into Bullitt Co. were more like 1″-3″.

Now, it’s on to the cold.  Tomorrow’s record low is 13 degrees (1959).  With snow on the ground and expected clearing skies tonight, most forecasters are predicting a new record.  The only thing that could get in the way would be the clouds.  Flurries should hold for the next few hours, but it looks as though skies should clear for a least a few hours overnight.  That should be enough to get us to the new record.  But, if the clouds hold, it won’t happen.


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