Warmer weekend

Friday afternoon

Quite a difference a week can make.  Last week we were looking at a cold weekend ending with snow.  Basically, the same weather patterns exist this Friday with one important exception – the air is much warmer.  So this time we talk rain, not snow.  A weak upper air disturbance will reach us late tonight into tomorrow morning.  The NAM basically ignores any rain potential with this system while the GFS has increased its forecast for rain, but it’s still only about 30%.  Best bet is still no rain, but if any does fall, it’ll be very light (less than .05″).  Rising temperatures tomorrow should push us to 50 or so.  The stronger storm will be late Sunday (both models have slowed this again).  So Sunday should be a warm, windy day with highs near 60.  Lots of clouds, but little rain threat until late afternoon with the heaviest rain likely Sunday night.

Once again, we’ll see colder air arrive Monday, but it looks like next week’s coldest air will arrive for Thanksgiving Day.  Periods of snow flurries/snow showers look like a good bet Wednesday night and Thanksgiving.

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