Do you hear what I hear?

Sunday afternoon

It seems like it’s been a week, maybe longer.  I’ve been warned about a possibility of an ice storm this weekend.  Constant barrages of what we could have – sleet (maybe) rain(maybe), slow(maybe, and freezing rain(maybe).  Starting a couple of days ago, the frozen options began to fall out of the “options” list (as per the computer models),  but not from the forecasts.  If you read (very carefully )the NWS forecast today, it’s a forecast for rain(as it should be).  However, why is the forecast so full of references to sleet and freezing rain and possibly snow flakes??? Beats me!  How long do you think it’ll take the weather service to get all the icy words out of the Louisville forecast?

Until they do, here’s my forecast.., Light rain should move into the area by 3-4 P.M.  Rain should get a little heavier during the evening hours, then should become more scattered again after midnight.  Temperatures will fall into the upper 30’s to near 40 once the rain begins.  Temperatures will hold fairly steady in the 36-38 range most of the night then fall to the mid 30’s tomorrow afternoon.

The above forecast is for the Louisville metro area.  As we get 20-30 miles north of Louisville a  little light freezing rain will be possible this evening, but it will quickly change over to all rain.  Roads are expected to remain wet, not icy.

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