Snow/sleet/freezing rain outlook

Midday Friday  (Feb.20)

I’ll have more details later, but here’s my current thoughts on weather tonight through tomorrow.  (There’s still a fairly large difference between the NAM and GFS, so there’s a pretty large “margin of error” this close to the event.)

1)  Increasing clouds this afternoon…high in mid 20’s.

2).  Periods of light snow begin after 7 P.M.  Snow becomes heavier after 10 P.M. with an accumulation of 2″-4″ by 3A.M.

3).  3A.M.-7A.M.  Sleet mixes with snow and eventually becomes all sleet (and possibly freezing rain.

4).  7A.M. – Noon    Temperatures warm to around 32 degrees around Noon.  Meanwhile sleet changes to freezing rain and then to liquid rain.  (Rain/freezing rain could be heavy at times, but no major (damaging)  ice accumulations expected.

5).  Afternoon:  Temperatures rise above freezing for several hours.  Rain continues, but lightens as time wears on.

6).  Some snow flurries are possible as temperatures drop below freezing again


2 thoughts on “Snow/sleet/freezing rain outlook

  1. Max

    Hi Tom,

    I grew up in Louisville and watched you on WAVE when I was a kid. I was happy to see that you had this blog.

    I live in the southern suburbs of Cincinnati in northern Kentucky. Do you think there will be any real temperature difference to what is expected in Louisville? Would the substantial snowpack/cold ground temperatures have any impact on the type of precipitation when the temperature’s in the 32-34 degree range?



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