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Friday evening (Feb 20)

Confusion abounds.  Each model tells a little different story, so I’ve decided to look at the overall large picture (the basic “rules” from years past.  What appears below is for the Louisville area – more sleet/freezing rain/rain south of us; more snow north of us (especially northeast)

Here’s what I’m going with:

8P.M. – Midnight  Light snow spreads over the area

Midnight- 6A.M.  Snow intensifies but sleet takes over as primary precip. form after 3 A.M.  Temperatures slowly rising.  By 6 A.M. snow /sleet accumulation should be 2″ – 3″.  No significant accumulations are likely after this time.

6 A.M. – Noon  Sleet and freezing rain take over with freezing rain becoming heavy at times during the morning (no major problems from this).  Temperatures should reach 32 or higher by Noon.

Noon-6 P.M.  Rain (and possibly some light wet snow) diminish during the afternoon.

Watch for some urban street flooding, especially tomorrow morning.

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