Big changes to forecast!

Midnight/early Wed (Mar 4)

Evening update showing some changes, mostly due to the continued “slowing”   of the models.  In essence, it now looks as though the snow shouldn’t begin until after the primary moisture source has passed by.  Thus, much less snow is likely than  currently being predicted.  My revisions  to my earlier forecast…

Overnight:  rain, perhaps heavy at times.  Minor urban flooding expected for rush hour. Temperatures falling into the 30’s

Morning: Rain likely probably changing to sleet by midday.

Afternoon:  Sleet likely.  Accumulation 1/2″-1″.  Sleet changes to snow by evening.  Temperatures falling into the 20’s during the day.

Tomorrow night:  snow, windy and cold…temperatures continue to fall.  Snow diminishes toward morning.


3 thoughts on “Big changes to forecast!

  1. Joe

    There’s some pretty nasty weather out there, Tom. Do you think the roads will be clear at 5? or should I sneak out of work early?

  2. wx Post author

    Hi Joe!
    I see you and Jennifer think along the same lines. By 5 P.M we should have an accumulation of sleet on the roads, especially the untreated ones. That could cause some major trouble with the evening rush hour. Leave earlier, if you ca.
    Tom Wills


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