More sleet than snow?

  Wednesday 11 A.M (Mar 4)

I see the Weather Service has started to back down on their snow forecast, so I suppose the media folks will as well.  However, I still think the NWS step backward is far too small.

Quick look at morning data runs confirms (to me anyway) that my forecast posted last night is right (almost) on target – 2″-4″ of snow/sleet by tomorrow morning.  However, I have one subtle change to make.  It looks to me that we’ll see a prolonged period of sleet this afternoon.  We could see up to an inch (or so) of sleet before a change to snow this evening, probably between 6 P.M. and 9 P.M.  After midnight, snow should begin to taper off to a few flurries by morning rush hour.

Another update this afternoon.

P.S. Why is JCPS closed today???

2 thoughts on “More sleet than snow?

  1. wx Post author

    Hi Lucy!
    Thanks for your kind words. ‘Calm”, yes, but just how well “reasoned” remains to be seen.


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