No worries about tornadoes locally

Friday 3 P,M.  (April 3)

I know there’s a Tornado Watch in effect, but realistically it shouldn’t include the Louisville area.  Thunderstorms, not especially strong ones, moving through the area at this time were the reason the Watch included us.  But, they certainly are not strong enough to do any “storm” damage here.  Flooding, however, is a different concern.  Additional heavy rains until about 4-4:30 could easily accentuate our local flooding problems.

The current Tornado Watch has a more realistic chance of producing severe storms over the southern half of Kentucky later this afternoon and evening. At this time, the most likely locations for severe weather appear to along the Tennessee/Kentucky border west of I-65 during the couple of hours.  By early this evening, the primary threat will be over southeastern KY (mostly east of I-75).

The current storms in Louisville area are bringing northerly winds in their wake.  That means cooler and drier air will slide in after 4 P.M.  That means “goodbye” to any severe storm threat for us.  I hope the Storm Prediction Center catches on to this and drops us from the Watch area.  Based on past experience, that won’t happen.  The horse is dead guys, you can stop beating it!

It’s now 3:20 P.M.

Heaviest part of storm cluster has now moved into Oldham, Shelby and Spencer Counties.  And, it looks weaker.  Still some renewed flooding concerns, but probably not much.  Any threat for severe storms is over for anybody within 35 miles or so of Louisville.

Stuff – total lunar eclipse late tonight.

Skies should clear tonight, so early risers tomorrow morning should get a good view of a total eclipse of the moon.  It’ll be “total” for a shorter time than usual (less than five minutes) and harder to see thanks to the morning light, but still it’s a chance to see a relatively rare event.  For full details visit:









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