Storms approaching Louisville

4:45 P.M. Tuesday (April 7)

Line of strong thunderstorms moving toward Louisville has been the source of numerous Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Warnings over the past hour or two.  So far, upper circulation has been noted but no reports of any actual tornadoes.

Radar indications are showing the small line shifting southward while the northern edge is becoming more obscured due to heavy rain.  If this trend continues (it should), the greatest threat to the Louisville area will be just south of the city – northern Hardin, Meade and Bullitt Counties should see strong winds and heavy rains.  A small (weak ) tornado is not out of the question.

Meanwhile, the northern half of the line approaching the Louisville area will lose it’s severe weather threat, but still bring heavy downpours and gusty winds.  All activity should pass east and south of Louisville by 6 P.M.

Note:  4:55 P.M. 

Quick radar update shows line acting as described  above.  Primary severe threat will pass south of Louisville.  Northern area seems to be weakening quickly,  Thus, severe threat for Jefferson Co and Clark and Floyd Cos. will be very low.  Meanwhile, northern Hardin and Bullitt Co. will be hardest hit, maybe with severe winds, but tornado chances are very low.

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