Cutting back the rain forecast

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016  6 P.M.

After a very dry October, forecasts had been indicating a possibly rainy start to this month.  Unfortunately, that outlook has been drying quickly.  The models stated playing down the rain last night and the trend has continued.  There’s still a pretty high chance for rain tomorrow morning (50%-60%) but even if we do get rain, it won’t be much.  It’s likely to stay below .10″, so not much help to our dry conditions.

One thing the models have strengthened, though, is the magnitude of the colder air to follow – models are now running up to 5 degrees colder (than yesterday) for the weekend.  That still keeps us in above normal temperatures, however.

Looks like we’ll see a period of colder-than-normal weather setting up after Election Day.  More on that later.

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