Who are the best mudders?

Friday, Sept. 16, 2016

Although yesterday’s forecasts for tomorrow’s big game with FSU were generally upbeat…rain before and after the game, but not during…current forecasts show no such thing.  It now looks as though rain gear will be the best fashion statement during the game.

Both the NAM and GFS are still looking toward late night rains, but they are now showing an even higher chance for rain (and possible thunder) during most, maybe all, of the game.  I remember a big win over FSU during a heavy rain about 10-15 years ago, so maybe the now-likely rain is a good omen.

Contrary to the NAM/GFS, the very short term models are now downplaying the overnight rain expectations.  I hope that is wrong as we could certainly use a good, soaking rain.  However, the short term models have been outperforming the NAM/GFS all summer (by a big margin) , so wouldn’t be surprised if the predicted rains tonight are a no show.

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