Quiet weekend

Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017  1 P.M.

A weak Alberta Clipper will push rapidly eastward across the lower Great Lakes tonight.  Gusty southerly winds ahead of this system will bring us another unseasonably warm day although those winds are having trouble bringing moisture northward.  However, it does appear likely we’ll see a little rain late tonight as the Clipper’s cold front pushes through.  Rain will probably be only a few hundredths of an inch and end around daybreak tomorrow.  Another windy day Sunday, but this time the winds will be from the northwest.  Thus, colder weather – temperatures will be slowly falling through the 50’s during the day.

Intriguing photos

Got these from http://spaceweather.com   They show a funnel cloud near Rio de Janiero a few days ago.  They did not touch down and caused no damage.  In Brazil they are called “tubes.”

Funnel Cloud

Funnel Cloud 1

Funnel Cloud 2

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