Daily chance for snow ahead

Friday, Jan. 25, 2019

Clippers coming at a rapid pace.

Models continue to bring small clippers into the U.S. once per day through the weekend.  They all appear weak, but still could bring us some light snow.  Last night’s clipper produced nothing but clouds and tonight’s might even be able to a produce some light snow from the clouds.  But even that looks like no more than the potential for a dusting of snow.

Tomorrow night’s clipper looks more promising.  This one seems to have the potential for a small accumulation, maybe a half inch or so.

Sunday’s clipper barely shows up on the models, so it looks like an “off” evening for snow chances.

But, Monday night’s clipper looks like the real thing.  It’s predicted to be quite strong and move across Wisconsin and Michigan Monday night and Tuesday.  Ordinarily Clippers don’t produce much precipitation south of the system’s storm track.  This time, however, the GFS has focused some rain and snow along the strong cold front sweeping south of the clipper.  There looks to be a potential for 1″-3″ of snow Monday night into early Tuesday.  It ought to be interesting.

Too early to tell about the snow, but one thing looks fairly certain – it’s really going to get COLD next Wed/Thu as nighttime lows should be the coldest (by far) this winter.

Think snow!

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