Decision time

Sun., Feb.14, 2021  5 P.M.

Snow arrives after  midnight

Models continue to make a few tweaks, but even with several different opinions on surface patterns, they all seemed to have arrived at roughly the same general snow forecast for this storm coming out of the Gulf.  The upper air system seems to win out over the surface differences.  So, here goes…

An upper air disturbance ahead of the primary system will bring us snow starting after Midnight.  It should accumulate 2″-3″ by daybreak.  This system will fade out during the morning,

Then the primary system arrives during the afternoon with periods of moderate-to-heavy snowfall for about six hours.  Light snow should then fade away by Midnight.

Total Snow Accumulation:  8″-12″       Would not be surprised to see some areas get more than a foot of snow, especially north and west of Louisville.






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